2nd & 3rd of July

4 Jul
Hello world! Friday, a few of my coworkers and I went to Brighton Beach. We’re a very diverse staff, so our cultural expedition actually began on Thursday at Dhaba,which is this cute Indian restaurant that opened not too long ago. They have a $10 unlimited lunch buffet, which was actually pretty decent. But, back to Friday, we headed to Brighton Beach, now in search of Russian food. We ended up at Tatiana.It was right on the boardwalk (which I think was reflected in those prices).

What I really liked about Tatiana was that they have that European dining mentality of ‘Stay as long as you want, we’ll give you the check when you’re ready’. I hate getting the check when I’m not even done eating yet. But, what we were really exited about were the fireworks.

Today, my friend Edithe had a spare ticket for this play called Family Dinner at Theatre Row. Without completely giving away the plot, it’s about this family who tries to keep up their image despite all of the internal conflicts and strife that actually happens inside their home. Afterward we went for linner (lunch-dinner)at Bon Chon Chicken, which had this amazing Korean fried chicken. My life has been made that much better because of the introduction of Korean fried chicken. Plus, it was “World Cup weekend” so orders were half off. I think I just officially became a fan of the World Cup.

Well, until next time!

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