Lemurs and Hookah Bars!

10 Jul


I spent my 4th of July at the Bronx Zoo (courtesy of Bank of America’s Museums on Us program-which basically lets you into select museums/attractions for free with presentation of a Bank of America debit or credit card. If you haven’t heard of it and bank with BofA- get on it!) I haven’t been to the zoo in YEARS, despite living so close to it, so I was excited to see it. Since I’ve last been there, they added the Madagascar exhibit, which was very cool. If you check out the slide show, there’s this one uber chill lemur relaxing on a branch like he’s a boss. I really wanted to go for a camel ride, but it seems that only people 10 and under do these sorts of things. I didn’t want to hear “Mommy, why is that old lady on the camel? When is it my turn?” So, I settled on a picture and opted for the monorail instead. All in all it was really great. I’d forgotten how much I used to love going to the zoo as a small child. Plus, it being 4th of July, it wasn’t crowded at all. Surely, a true rarity.
Yesterday, to celebrate my coworker’s birthday, we headed to Astoria to go to Firdo’s Grill. It’s a quaint little hookah spot on Steinway. It’s definitely a hike from the R train at Steinway, but the staff was really friendly and helpful, plus the music wasn’t bad either. I’m not a hookah person (I think it would be inappropriate of me to hack up my lung onto the table) , but from everyone else seemed to really enjoy it. Shout out to our waiter Danny who obliged our multiple requests for pictures!

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