Salvation in the form of Karaoke

15 Jul

There are very few things that will lure me over to the heinous tourist trap that is Herald Square. One of them is Duet 35 Karaoke (the others happen to be Jack’s 99 Cent World and Girls Write Now HQ). Duet is my all-time favorite karaoke spot in the city. They feature private room karaoke, so for the shier ones out there, you don’t have to suffer public humiliation to belt out your favorite Lady Gaga song (mine happens to be Telephone). They keep their catalog up to date, so you can take your pick at your desired Top 40 fare. Besides the super affordable price of $4/hr per person Mon.-Thurs (and just $5/hr per person Fri.-Sun) during daytime hours, I always get a kick out of the terribly mismatched music videos that accompany many of the songs. So, say I’m rapping “I Get Money” by 50 Cent, the video might be of a neatly dressed Korean man who is a banker. It’s absolutely hysterical. But, overall, it’s a really great place to chill with friends; they have a bar and serve appetizers as well. You can also order out if you want, the menus are up in the front 🙂 So if you happen to need somewhere to relieve stress after dodging tourists all day, definitely stop by Duet 35 Karaoke.


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