I’m on a Boat!

19 Jul

I may not have a nautical themed pashmina afghan, BUT in the past couple of days I have been spending a good amount of time on various boats. On Thursday, I went to The Frying Pan, this bar that is located on an actual boat. It was way bigger than I expected, and definitely very crowded. I think the best time to go would be after 9 since that seems to be when the crowd thinned out. The drinks aren’t particularly cheap, but you’re paying for the ambiance, too, so I guess it’s okay (….eh…) It does have awesome views, though, and it’s near the helicopter launching place so if you’re into that, you’ll love it. (I am particularly terrified of helicopters, so every time one flew past, I paused and got all bug-eyed, but that’s just my neurosis).
Today, I went to a picnic on Governor’s Island. It was my first time going to the famed island and I was very impressed. There’s so much space for picnicking, running around and really has something for everyone. There was a manhunt game going on throughout the island and a 1920’s jazz show going on, so you had people dressed in yellow and red caution tape for manhunt teams and others looking like they stepped right out of 1923. On the ferry ride back, a band began to play spontaneously and a few couples began to dance (check out the pics in the slide show above!). It’s things like this that make me really love NYC.

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