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Bike Rides & Cocktails

30 Aug
As predicted, I definitely started slacking with my posting, so this post is going to be 95% pictures that I took over the past two weeks (?) or so.

Me taking advantage of Free Bike Fridays on Governor’s Island. I’d almost forgotten how to ride one, it’s been YEARS!

Afterward we stopped by Water Taxi Beach at South Street Seaport. It was crowded because it was a Friday night, but if you go in the late afternoon during the week, it’s not so bad.

We also went to Sequoia, but were really displeased with the service here. The bartenders spent most of their time chatting up the male clientele and took forever to notice us and take our order. The $5 strawberry daiquiris aren’t worth the stress.

Enter 123 Burger Shot Beer. Super super cheap EVERYTHING and decent service on top of that. Take that, Sequoia!

During the really crappy weather earlier this week, my coworker and I stopped by Subtle Tea, which is this amazing tea shop on 30th and Madison. They have the biggest selection of tea I’ve ever seen. There was one really disgruntled employee who kept complaining about various things that should have been kept to herself. Other than that, the atmosphere is really great; they have wifi and lotsof outlets in case you’re the sort of person who carries their laptop with them everywhere. 🙂

Until next time…

Insert Witty Title Here!

16 Aug
I really don’t know where the past two weeks went. I guess it’s all the planning and whatnot going on with the start of a new semester approaching, especially with it being my last year! Anyhow, I’ve definitely been keeping busy.

Last Saturday, I went to Coney Island to explore Luna Park and ride the Wonder Wheel – which is a must-do every time I go to Coney (despite my shrieks of terror from the swinging car).

This is Rupert, the turtle I bought in one of the side streets where they have all the carnival games. She is too cute (yes, she).
Last Sunday, I went row boating in Clove Lakes Park in Staten Island. In true New York fashion, I must admit that Staten Island is my least favorite borough (This is why. Hey, if you don’t want to be part of the greatest city in the world, see ya!). Nevertheless, I am a bargain hunter, and at $10/hr to rent a row boat, I’m down.
Afterward, I stopped by the Staten Island mall. Despite it being so deep in the island, it’s not bad. I do prefer Queens Center mall, though. (Didn’t get a picture of the mall, but this picture of the lake will do!)
Saturday, while perusing the street fair on 3rd Ave., I was able to score two free passes for a free game and shoe rental at Bowlmor Lanes. I was actually pretty excited, considering the millions of times I’ve passed by this place. However, imagine my shock when I saw how much everything actually cost! Granted, it’s a nice alley and all and it’s cool to see the celebrity pins and everything, but I can’t realistically see myself returning without another free pass, particularly when I know places where I could go for cheaper (See Astoria Bowl post.)
The night was still young after Bowlmor, so my friend and I ventured over to U2 Karaoke over on St. Marks Pl. It’s a bar or suite karaoke place, meaning, you can sing at the bar ($2/song) or in a suite ($8/per person per hour). We decided to make a spectacle of ourselves at the bar. The song selection is okay, could be better. And the drinks are kinda pricey, but we had a lot of fun and the staff was super nice and so were the other patrons. Could definitely see myself returning.
Classes start next week, so I’m hoping I can keep up the pace. But until next time…

Popped my Shake Shack Cherry

5 Aug
Working and going to school so close to Madison Square Park, I often see the long, winding line trailing from the ever-so-popular Shake Shack. I always walk by and say in my head, “Silly fools. It can’t be that good.” But, oh. Who is the fool now? *Points at self*. Yes. While wandering aimlessly by the Museum of Natural History, I decided to finally stop by the famous burger joint and ordered a Shack Burger. After all, the line wasn’t nearly as bad as in Madison Sq. Park. I wasn’t expecting it to be more than just a regular burger. But, I must admit, it was pretty bangin’. I don’t know what they do to it, because it looks like a normal burger. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about the burger today. Yeah-I daydreamed about going and getting a Shackburger. Okay, consider me hooked.

Islands in the Sun

3 Aug
This weekend was my grandma’s 90th birthday (it’s weird to think that when she was born, the airplane-“aeroplane”- barely existed and iceboxes still existed). Anyhow, we traveled up to City Island to Lobster Box for her surprise birthday dinner. Now, as someone who always goes to either of the two restaurants at the very end (yes, the ones where the police cars hover around) for the ridiculously cheap food and drinks, I thought the menu items here would be way overpriced (I mean, they have a fireplace in the entry way!), and while we had a prix fixe menu already set up for us, it was unbelievably affordable. Service was great and the food was pretty good, too.

Sunday, I was in Queens at Astoria Bowl. It’s this small, out of the way (basically on Rikers’ Island :-X) alley with an…interesting retro (or just old?) vibe going for it. I can’t complain because the prices were very reasonable and we got vouchers for a free game the next time we stop by. So, while I will be waving to Lil Wayne on my way there, I do think I will be back at Astoria Bowl at some point in the future. For dinner, we went to my favorite Thai restaurant in the city – Benjama’s Taste of Thai. Things I love about this place: 1. the food is amazing (Usually I try to order new things every time I return to a restaurant, but their pad prikh king is so delicious and pungent [sidenote: pungent is my least favorite word EVER, so that I used it means a lot] that I order it every time.) 2. the decor. I love the way it’s decorated with soothing water fountains and plants, very relaxing. 3. service is always really friendly and helpful.

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