Bike Rides & Cocktails

30 Aug
As predicted, I definitely started slacking with my posting, so this post is going to be 95% pictures that I took over the past two weeks (?) or so.

Me taking advantage of Free Bike Fridays on Governor’s Island. I’d almost forgotten how to ride one, it’s been YEARS!

Afterward we stopped by Water Taxi Beach at South Street Seaport. It was crowded because it was a Friday night, but if you go in the late afternoon during the week, it’s not so bad.

We also went to Sequoia, but were really displeased with the service here. The bartenders spent most of their time chatting up the male clientele and took forever to notice us and take our order. The $5 strawberry daiquiris aren’t worth the stress.

Enter 123 Burger Shot Beer. Super super cheap EVERYTHING and decent service on top of that. Take that, Sequoia!

During the really crappy weather earlier this week, my coworker and I stopped by Subtle Tea, which is this amazing tea shop on 30th and Madison. They have the biggest selection of tea I’ve ever seen. There was one really disgruntled employee who kept complaining about various things that should have been kept to herself. Other than that, the atmosphere is really great; they have wifi and lotsof outlets in case you’re the sort of person who carries their laptop with them everywhere. 🙂

Until next time…

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