WFC Offers Unexpected Treasures

19 Apr

For the record: I automatically write off anything that has to do with finance as boring, stuffy, and generally loathsome. However, when I read about the World Financial Center’s EAT: WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER RESTAURANT SHOWCASE event, I instantly contacted my ebullient foodie friend, Ashley (you can follow her on twitter, @lasha908. She’s a host of information on bakeries and restaurants in NYC and will be launching her own blog soon).

Essentially restaurants in the WFC got a chance to showcase some of their food for $5 or less, which worked great with my broke ass college student budget.

As it turns out, WFC is an architecturally stunning building with a lot to offer. There’s a green market, film screenings, and music. Everyone at the Eat event was friendly and helpful. Its location near the water looks like a great place to relax during the summer (or if spring ever gets here). So if you find yourself in lower Manhattan, be sure to stop by and see what events might be going on.

Please enjoy some pictures of the delicious food we sampled at Eat:

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Mango Blueberry Tart from Financiers


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