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A Trip to Coney Island

11 Aug

Coney Island is my summer staple, despite Thor Equities’ attempts to tear the place up. ¬†Either way, some things (thankfully) never change and I was able to scream my lungs out on The Cyclone and enjoy the view from a swinging car on Deno’s Wonder Wheel .

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Insert Witty Title Here!

16 Aug
I really don’t know where the past two weeks went. I guess it’s all the planning and whatnot going on with the start of a new semester approaching, especially with it being my last year! Anyhow, I’ve definitely been keeping busy.

Last Saturday, I went to Coney Island to explore Luna Park and ride the Wonder Wheel – which is a must-do every time I go to Coney (despite my shrieks of terror from the swinging car).

This is Rupert, the turtle I bought in one of the side streets where they have all the carnival games. She is too cute (yes, she).
Last Sunday, I went row boating in Clove Lakes Park in Staten Island. In true New York fashion, I must admit that Staten Island is my least favorite borough (This is why. Hey, if you don’t want to be part of the greatest city in the world, see ya!). Nevertheless, I am a bargain hunter, and at $10/hr to rent a row boat, I’m down.
Afterward, I stopped by the Staten Island mall. Despite it being so deep in the island, it’s not bad. I do prefer Queens Center mall, though. (Didn’t get a picture of the mall, but this picture of the lake will do!)
Saturday, while perusing the street fair on 3rd Ave., I was able to score two free passes for a free game and shoe rental at Bowlmor Lanes. I was actually pretty excited, considering the millions of times I’ve passed by this place. However, imagine my shock when I saw how much everything actually cost! Granted, it’s a nice alley and all and it’s cool to see the celebrity pins and everything, but I can’t realistically see myself returning without another free pass, particularly when I know places where I could go for cheaper (See Astoria Bowl post.)
The night was still young after Bowlmor, so my friend and I ventured over to U2 Karaoke over on St. Marks Pl. It’s a bar or suite karaoke place, meaning, you can sing at the bar ($2/song) or in a suite ($8/per person per hour). We decided to make a spectacle of ourselves at the bar. The song selection is okay, could be better. And the drinks are kinda pricey, but we had a lot of fun and the staff was super nice and so were the other patrons. Could definitely see myself returning.
Classes start next week, so I’m hoping I can keep up the pace. But until next time…
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