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A Trip to Coney Island

11 Aug

Coney Island is my summer staple, despite Thor Equities’ attempts to tear the place up.  Either way, some things (thankfully) never change and I was able to scream my lungs out on The Cyclone and enjoy the view from a swinging car on Deno’s Wonder Wheel .

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Spring in NYC!

1 May

After a (very) long awaited arrival, spring is finally here. It’s my favorite season, so I took a couple of pictures to celebrate. Enjoy!

WFC Offers Unexpected Treasures

19 Apr

For the record: I automatically write off anything that has to do with finance as boring, stuffy, and generally loathsome. However, when I read about the World Financial Center’s EAT: WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER RESTAURANT SHOWCASE event, I instantly contacted my ebullient foodie friend, Ashley (you can follow her on twitter, @lasha908. She’s a host of information on bakeries and restaurants in NYC and will be launching her own blog soon).

Essentially restaurants in the WFC got a chance to showcase some of their food for $5 or less, which worked great with my broke ass college student budget.

As it turns out, WFC is an architecturally stunning building with a lot to offer. There’s a green market, film screenings, and music. Everyone at the Eat event was friendly and helpful. Its location near the water looks like a great place to relax during the summer (or if spring ever gets here). So if you find yourself in lower Manhattan, be sure to stop by and see what events might be going on.

Please enjoy some pictures of the delicious food we sampled at Eat:

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Mango Blueberry Tart from Financiers

Live Music Saturday!

11 Apr

I rarely ever make it out to Brooklyn because from the Bronx, it’s essentially a day trip totaling up to 2 hours to some parts of the borough. Last Saturday, I set out to the Brooklyn Museum to partake in the Target Free First Saturday event. When I first walked in, hoards of people were crowding around a jazz ensemble, the Fat Afro Latin Jazz Cats. I stuck around for a few of their songs including, “Jumping Pumpkins” by Duke Ellington.  Considering that most of them are probably under the age of 17, it was a really impressive show. There were some horrible Bebe’s kids running around, but luckily the music was able to keep my attention.

I was thoroughly blown away by the museum as a whole.  I had no idea it was so big and had such an expansive collection of unique artifacts. My favorites were  Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera, the Native American collection, and The Dinner Party.

Giant Teepee

Psychadelic Photo Inside the Teepee

Afterward, I had a small, but delicious dinner at Abigail’s. Upon perusing their website a little while ago, it sounds like they have some really great stuff to offer, including poetry slams and salsa nights. While I was there, Gillian Harwin and her band  provided some soulful, jazzy background music.

This was a full day, but it didn’t stop after Abigail’s. Afterward, I headed to Terraza 7 Train Cafe in Queens. By far, this is the most unique venue I’ve ever been to. The live band performs atop a narrow platform on the second floor, which also has  sort of mini-amphitheater type seating. Despite my appearance and last name, I really don’t speak much Spanish at all, so I did feel a little lost among all the excitement, but I could tell there was a real positive vibe here.

Band at Terraza 7 Train Cafe

Believe it or not, aside from the museum, the rest of the day was completely spontaneous and I ended up hearing some really great music.

Be sure to check out my profile of PeaceLove Cafe, another great venue that features live music among other awesome things!

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