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Mother Nature & Me

3 Jun

As mentioned in previous posts, I’m an absolute city rat (hmmm, perhaps I should find a new way to describe my addiction to city life – note to self). I barely even go to Long Island. Either way, this past weekend was my birthday weekend and because it had been a really stressful school year, I really just wanted to take it easy and have fun. Saturday, I went to Rainey Park where I flew my first kite (with mixed success) and had my first italian ice (or coquito as it’s referred to in these parts of the Bronx) of the summer (cherry and mango thanks very much).

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Sunday, I finally made it over to Alley Pond Park  to do the zip line after pining away for over a year. I’m not afraid of heights, but ask me to step off of a platform x feet in the air and I will laugh in your face (literally. Sorry, Evan.) Eventually, seeing 8 year olds swing by in the air convinced me that I could do it, too (even if I did release a scream heard miles away).

Best of all, everything was free!


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